About us

Our company. Perhaps you will say that you have never heard about the company "TPLANCHER". And we do not feel hurt to hear it, because we are a very young company that has already proved itself.

We are not ambitious, and we do not have hundreds of goods. Because our main task is to be useful to you. This means that we do not want to just sell you the goods. We provide the maximum comprehensive support in solving issues and problems that inevitably arise in the design and construction process.

In today's world, the most precious is time. Addressing to us, you release yourself from the headache and waste of your invaluable time, while receiving an optimal and effective solution made by qualified specialists.

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Our main specialization is the systems of injection waterproofing of underground buildings and structures, which for various reasons can not be sealed by traditional methods.

The second and no less important area of ​​our activity is systems for maintaining the operable condition of structures with significant defects and loss of load-carrying capacity, and also for strengthening existing structures with increasing external loads.

Another direction is the temporary stabilization and strengthening of noncoating soils. Our materials do not strengthen the soils and do not increase their bearing capacity. They connect the soil particles with each other, preventing its collapse during construction work in the construction of tunnels, railways or excavations.